Weight loss

Slimming down is one of the biggest challenges. The numbers are self-explanatory – only one person out of twenty keeps the desired weight. There is a multitude of websites offering miraculous diets, sure-fire supplements while dietitians offer increasingly more and more effective help. It doesn’t work though – 95% of us cannot make use of the help offered.

I’ve decided to create this website to bring home a very unpleasant truth: obesity is within your personality. The 5% – the only person out of twenty – who has slimmed down and kept the effect did it because they changed their personality. Not diet, not supplements but personality and habits. People usually look for easy solutions like losing weight in three months – and then a comeback to their habits along with a return of the lost kilograms plus some extras happens. Well, losing weight is easy but one needs patience, change of habits, routines and themselves. None can overturn decades of being stuck in wrong patterns over the course of days.

The best weight loss tips for you !
“The best weight loss tips for you !” by Tanvir Sajib is licensed with CC BY 2.0. 

Are there any tricks that can help with weight loss? Surely, there are and I will talk about them. You must be aware that these are not the tools for your success – they are only helpful tricks which won’t do any work on your behalf. Obesity is a result of eating more than an average person – no trick can help here as this is the only reason why you are still obese. If you think otherwise – go ahead and look for a magic potions which will bring on – just like they did in the past – the jo-jo effect. If, however, you are fully aware what is the reason – yourselves – I will do my best to help you increase your determination and self-control. You have to believe that this is the central issue here.

I wish you a pleasurable read and the best of luck!