Saggy skin

Saggy skin is a challenge for all of us who managed to shed a lot of weight in a short time span. The skin cannot keep up with the changing body and ends up looking very unattractively. Apart from lotions and potions (I won’t discus them here as you can Google for much more comprehensive information elsewhere) there are additional tricks that can help with this issue.

First of all – go to the gym. Ladies, please do not fret about becoming a body-builder look a like. Professional female body builders either has used anabolic steroids or suffers from hormonal disorders. Almost any working out woman looks very attractively – muscles help to awake the body, make the gait bouncy and the whole figure a delight to look at. On the other hand, with no muscle mass, body fat that wasn’t yet shed during the slimming down looks like some cauliflower-like under the skin. Gentlemen, I assume I don’t have to preach to the converted – you can always read up on the topic online, there are hundreds of dedicated websites.

Drinking water – which can be a challenge – is also very important. Many a diet is based on dehydration and glycogen loss, which contributes to a speedy loss of body weight but also to an jo-jo effects. It also has a disastrous effect on skin health. It’s unfortunate but many dieters do not drink for the fear of the scales showing an (illusory) increase in weight.

Skin is mostly collagen – and you should take good care of it. Not with lotions though, which is ineffective (collagen particles cannot penetrate skin surface). You have to supplement collagen internally – not with easily digestible expensive potions but with glycin – which is pretty much enough. It is easily obtainable online and quite cheap. Take a spoonful or more before bedtime – it will nourish the skin and induce good night’s sleep. Beta alanine – popular among body builders – is very good for smoothing the skin and regenerating collagen fibers. Glucosamine has a similar effect as does MSM. Omega group fats work wonders – you can get the over the counter ones or supplement with olive oil. Surely, the most important thing is to make the process of slimming down gradual. All crash diets and magic pills only lead to a jo-jo effect – to change your weight, you have to change yourself. And this never comes overnight.