Sorry to disappoint but I am not going to discuss any magic fat-destroying pills here. They do exist but they are also quite dangerous – many who used them wish they haven’t done so. For instance – fat burners accelerated slimming down by three months but a disease that ensued after taking them lasted for thirty years in some cases and these people would do anything to turn the clock back and spend these three months just exercising and eating well.

Nutritional deficiencies hide behind the body’s pleas for food – it is not uncommon for the obese body to be starved for vitamins and minerals. In some cases, bringing the levels of these back to normal brings on weight loss – one loses petite for food while the appetite for exercise appears.

Inositol – absolutely vital in cases of disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Takes the edge of these disorders and sometimes completely cures them. Higher doses are needed – buy in bulk, from Ebay for example.

Vitamin D3 – according to some research it can help to lose 2kg in 3 months. Not much yes – but at no effort, too. The vitamin is not to be found in food – sun exposure is the only source of D3. The length of a light wave is important so only summertime at noon is the optimal time for harvesting of the vitamin. As people suffering from obesity are very shy of baring their skins in public, they also more frequently suffer from deficiencies of this vitamin (while the rest of us also suffer from the deficiencies, especially during winter months in the Northern Hemisphere). Supplement 5000 IU in winter time and 2000 IU in the warm months. Vitamin D3 also offers strong protection against auto-immunological diseases and cancers.

Zinc – can lower the food intake of obesity sufferers hundreds of calories lower. Those with loose stools and diarrhea chronically, will need to supplement. Zinc reverses type II diabetes, alleviates the mood, energizes and readies for action. Supplementation is a tad complicated and should be adjusted individually yet laboratory tests can only check the levels of zinc in the bloodstream which is pretty much useless. You can only access if zinc is working by having a look at outcome – a marked improvement in libido, hair quality, faster wound healing, firmer stools. The higher improvement the worse the deficiency was. In such case, alternate 50 mg of zinc (5 days) with 4-5 mg of copper ( two days). This will prevent losing copper (which is an antagonist to zinc). If the deficiency is not so significant (or we are wary of taking zinc), 15 mg of zinc (no copper or 1 mg of a multivitamin pill) should be enough.

Omega 3. According to trials, also helpful in weight loss – the main effect is mood improvement (which prevents comfort eating). Helps with strengthening the focus and clarity of thinking. Protective against cancer and heart disease. Helpful in cases of various diseases and good for almost anyone. We all seem to be suffering from a deficiency of these (caused by an over consumption of their antagonists, Omega 6). Use 2000 mg EPA – the effects will take time to materialize but once showing, they are very permanent, even when the supplementation stops.

Good quality multivitamin – the one that has hundreds of thousands of % of the need for B group vitamins. Use for at least a month. This will nourish the body and lower homocysteine levels. You can start using lower doses after a while or stop taking the pill whatsoever after a while if your diet is healthy enough.

Chromium – good for insulin related issues. Soothes anxiety and panic attacks as well as sugar level swings. Can alleviate pre-diabetic state of the body in some. It does not accelerate metabolism. Chromium protects against diabetes and helps with sugar cravings. Do not purchase chromium picolinate (can cause some side-effects) – get a chloride or lactide and use 200-400 mg a day.

Magnesium – very similar effects. Reverses early onset diabetes and take the edge of an already present one. Helps with anxiety and gives energy. Dosage: 300 mg in two 150 mg doses a day.

Probiotics – in one of the trials a lean mouse was colonized with bacterium from colons of an obese one. The mouse started gaining weight. Some claim that bacterial colonies in the gut are our second brain, that manages our emotions, instincts and is responsible for immunity. It is hard to point out a universally efficient product – check for yourself by trial and error.

Conjugated linoleic acid CLA won’t make you lose pounds (trials showed some improvement but it wasn’t a particularly strong evidence). It is very strongly protective against cancers and for this reason it is worth supplementing.