Small steps

The best advice, not only when dieting but also generally in life is the baby steps method. Our will and determination are not limitless – which is why a lot of dieting regimes fail. One is pushed to hard and start running on empty. This introduces the carrot and stick thinking and our carrot is always…Food.

To avoid this pitfall, go easy – by baby steps. Introduce minor changes one by one – once one becomes a habit, introduce another, at a slow pace. There is no hurry – dieting only work in the long term and taking it easy will prevent skin sagging.

Aim small – for example, one vegetable smoothie a day. It is an acquired taste for some but it is highly dense in vitamins and low in calorie. Drink it at noon, daily – simply throw broccoli, cucumbers, carrots or even apples (all low in calories and high in nutrients) into a blender and drink (remember that apples or carrots are just a small fraction of the smoothie to sweeten it).

Another baby step would be skipping a meal, swapping it for a healthy option or halving your portion. If you are, for example addicted to soda, drink it every other day or halve the amount.

Then, decide you will only walk to a given shop, not drive or set a routine of an evening walk. You may add some exercise, like ten minutes of skipping rope or a short YouTube tutorial.

There are many potential baby steps to take and it is impossible to enumerate all of them here. The baseline is to remember to only take another step once the previous was internalized. If a challenge is too hard, drop or modify it – go for a half an hour walk not one, for example. Important note: if you , let’s say, failed to have your sixty minute walk one day do not go for a two hour one the following day. Carry on with your normal routine as if nothing has happened.